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Guess Who Nailed the Most Recent Gold Trade AGAIN

That's right. Once again, Mike Stathis nailed the gold trade.




Not only did he nail the upside trade, but he also told traders what to watch for as a trigger to take profits and enter short positions.


You might recall that he also nailed the gold trade the previous month.



How does one trade gold from here?

All you have to do is listen to Peter Schiff and DO THE OPPOSITE of what he says.



We cannot list the number of times Mike has nailed the trades in gold and silver because it would consume too much time, but here are a few examples.


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The fact is that MIke has been nailing the gold and silver trade for many years, dating back to his 2009 article, Fool’s Gold where he predicted the top in gold two years before it peaked.




Meanwhile, the con men have been telling their sheep to hold physical gold, which has prevented them from taking advantage of the tremendous volatility seen in precious metals.




Prior to that, Mike had been recommending gold many years prior to the financial crisis.

His forecasts in commodities, currencies, securities and various stock markets are equally as impressive.

In fact, we know of no one else in the world who covers so many different types of markets and assets AND we know of no one in world history who can match Mike’s forecasting track record.

Do yourself a huge favor and spend a great deal of time research his track record. And make sure you research the track record of the clowns in the media.

You can also research the track record of anyone else in the world.

You will not find anyone who can match Stathis’ forecasting record.  


Aren't you tired of listening to broken clock con men positioned in the media as experts? 

Wake up.

The media is a criminal organization designed to SCREW YOU while promoting dip shits as experts.










Mike Stathis holds the best investment forecasting track record in the world since 2006.

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Check here to download Chapter 12 of Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble.

This is the chapter that shows where Mike recommended shorting Fannie, Freddie, sub-primes, homebuilders, GM, GE, etc.

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