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2017 Boot Camp Session 1: Overview of Trading Techniques

2017 AVAIA Investment Boot Camp

Session 1: Overview of Trading Techniques

 Scheduled for Tuesday, March 7, 1pm to 3pm EST

In this session Mike will discuss the following topics:


  1. Trading Tips – what, when and how to trade securities
  2. Trading in IRA-type vs cash accounts - using different strategies
  3. Understanding Margin – details on margin you won’t get elsewhere
  4. Trading Earnings Calls – when and how to trade earnings calls
  5. Dividend Capture – when and how to successfully capture dividends
  6. Tips on Using Options – what, when and how to use options
  7. Shorting Stocks – when and how to short stocks


He also plans to

  • Analyze specific stocks that are relevant to the above topics.


  • Discuss the above topics as they pertain to current market conditions.


  • Provide technical & fundamental analysis of several securities in real time.


You aren’t going to get the kind of insight Mike offers in this and other sessions of the Boot Camp.


Boot Camp members will receive an email with information how to register for this live webinar.  

If you have not received a registration email by 10 a.m. EST, Tuesday morning, March 7, please contact us. 


If you haven’t already signed up for the 2017 AVAIA Boot Camp, we highly recommend you do so today.


All sessions are recorded for those who miss sessions, as well as for later review and study.


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