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Free versus Paid Content

I think it is important to remind people about the price and quality of content. It’s really quite simple. No content is truly free. You pay a huge price for that content.

Unfortunately, the price you pay is almost always hidden so that most people never even realize what it has cost them. Most often, the cost is an opportunity cost or the cost of misinformation which leads to huge losses of money or even one's health.

As we all know, so-called free content is paid for by advertisements.

The problem is that companies that sponsor the ads ALWAYS have agendas which are ALWAYS expressed in the “free content.”

Now that’s not to say that these agendas are expressed in the articles where the ads are posted. That would be too obvious, right? 

The media crime bosses are much sneakier.


This is known as the ad-based business model and it is the most common model used in the media. It largely explains why the media is largely useless and very often dangerous.

I have written dozens of articles exposing the tactics and dangers of the financial media (just do a search on this website and you will run across hundreds of articles pertaining to deception, lies, scams, etc. from "free" content).



Furthermore, the vast majority of free or ad-based content is of poor quality.

The reason for this is simple.

The ad-based model focuses on QUANTITY of content rather than QUALITY because the idea is to lure as many people to their content as often as possible.

This also explains why you often come across misleading headlines that have been designed to click on a link (referred to as click baiting). As a result, the audience is fed fluff and other trash, all low-yield and most of it worthless.

As a result of ad/agenda-based content, some people will come across the wrong information about investments causing them to lose their retirement.

Others will suffer health effects due to use of some prescription drug or medical procedure. 



The bottom line is this. There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you think there is, you will eventually learn the hard way, but only if you’re lucky.

Unfortunately, most people never learn. That’s why they continue to flock to free content thinking they are receiving value.

Many people who are aware of the agendas embedded in free content think they can sniff out the good from the bad. Again, the problem is that most people are unable to do this.  

Always remember this. It is always much better to pay for something rather than to get it for free.

Why would I say this?

Because when you are paying for a service, you are the customer. That means the service provider has a direct relationship with you and has your best interests in mind. You are vitally important to their business, so your needs are served.

In contrast, when you are offered a service for free, you are NOT the customer. The customer is the one who either pays for advertisements or your personal information. As a result, the service provider could care less about your best interests.

What that means is that you will get screwed in some way; guaranteed.

For example, if you use a free email account, your account is not only much more likely to get hacked, your emails are being saved by the email provider even after you delete them. This is a fact. If you did not know this, I suggest you look into it.




Another example of the damaging effects of looking for a free lunch can be seen upon consideration of Facebook. People who use Facebook don’t seem to realize that they would be much better off paying Facebook a subscription fee in exchange for protecting their data and personal information.

I’m not only talking about the obvious personal information, but also every key stroke entered by each user. This data is being used to profile each user. As well, if Facebook offered a subscription service, the user would not be exposed to ads.

If I were to want to use Facebook, I would only do so if it offered a subscription service. I would never use a free service because I know better.

So why doesn’t Facebook switch to a subscription or fee-based model? As a matter of fact, why doesn’t the media do the same?

The answer is simple. The media industry realizes that its content is not valuable enough for people to pay for.

In addition, they understand that most people are unaware of the dangers of the ad-based model so they refuse to pay for content.







Pay attention to the media and it's "experts" and you should expect to lose your ass.


Of course there are some other reasons, namely the fact that corporations have deep pockets and will spend enormous sums of money on advertising.



However, if in fact content is proven to be valuable and without bias, people will pay for it. Because the masses are largely unintelligent, what this means is that only a small percentage of people pay for content.





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