NEVER EVER Forget Who the Charlatans Are and Who the REAL EXPERTS Are

One of the easiest ways to get a good sense of how stupid and naive the general public has become is to note how close financial media resembles trash TV.

For instance, instead of credible experts with proven track records of excellence, the financial media most often airs broken clock salesmen who are nothing more than con artists.

But because the media claims these charlatans are "experts" all while lying about their track record, the audience goes along with these false claims as if they were true.

The underlying problem is that people just haven't accepted the fact that the media not only has a LEGAL right to lie (you cannot sue the media for making things up), the media is actually in the business to lie and deceive.

The striking thing to note about this scam is that vast majority of these so-called "experts" are Jewish which is by no means a mere coincidence.

I have discussed the discrimination by Jewish-run industries in favor of Jews many times in the past.

I have also discussed the fact that the financial media's goal is to make sure its audience is confused and/or steered down the gutter. This confusion ensures that the audience will trade securities more frequently.

As you can imagine, this pleases big ad sponsors like Charles Schwab, E-Trade, Ameritrade and other online brokers.

After reading and watching financial media, many investors ultimately run to major Wall Street firms, insurance companies and mutual fund companies, begging for their portfolio to be rescued after they listened to the media's "experts." 

Other investors eventually throw in the towel and never invest again due to the emotional trauma as a result of their financial losses. And they never even realize that the financial media caused them to suffer these losses.

The problem is that they actually trust the media. The media should be trusted as much as you would trust the Wall Street banker gang.

Is it any coincidence that the same guys who run the media also run Wall Street, the banks and the Federal Reserve? 

This Kosher scam ensures the media can charge top dollar for ads purchased by Wall Street firms, insurance companies and mutual fund companies.

Hence, the media's disinformation scheme provides a great return on investment to these financial firms that pony up big bucks for ads.

It's the perfect criminal system for the media because they cannot be held accountable by law even if they position a con man as an expert. This is what very few people realize.

Do you really think there is an coincidence that the banking system is never held accountable for its actions? 

Who do you think runs the banks?




The main stars of this financial trash TV are broken clocks and contrarian indicators who deliver the same sales pitch day after day, week after week, year after year. That is what salesmen do after all. 



And once they have been called out for being completely wrong for years, they fight back by changing their talking points to focus on trivial rants, such as when the Fed is going to taper or raise interest rates.

Keep in mind that these talking heads focus on this type of nonsense as a way to distract from their failures.


Schiff couldn't even get this right. The guy is a complete failure, so why does the media promote him constantly?


At the center stage of this Kosher scam is Peter Schiff. Schiff receives interviews every day, and many times multiple times per day from every criminal segment in the Jewish media, from CNBC and FBN, to Bloomberg.

He also gets quoted or discussed in in the Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Forbes, Fortune, The Financial Times, you name it.

Accordingly, Peter Schiff could be considered the male version of a "financial Kim Kardashian."

For anyone out there who isn't too bright, let me make sure you get the point. That was by no means a compliment. 

Think about it. Schiff runs a brokerage firm, Euro pacific Capital.

So naturally one would expect him to discuss things like compelling investment sectors and stocks, valuations, earnings, asset allocation strategies and so forth; you know, things that competent financial professionals talk about. The same kinds of things an audience wants to hear about.

Even though he is really only a stock broker and not an analyst, he calls himself Euro pacific's chief global strategist, but this too is only a designation.

Schiff is really a marketing strategist because that is how he spends the majority of his time. I know this for a fact because I have been tracking Schiff for several years.

Regardless, surely Schiff has people to do "research" for him, letting him know what is going on, right?

Yet, he is constantly talking about trivial topics, like whether the Fed will raise rates over and over instead of talking about relevant issues.

Why might that be? 

Maybe his research results are complete dog shit.

Once you carefully examine Schiff's track record as well as his record of investment performance and you will see why he has been focusing on trivial events instead of discussing investment and economic forecasts.

And when Schiff isn't talking about trivial, conspiracy-like topics, he is repeating his open-ended, chicken little rants, while directing the sheep to his completely useless, self-serving books.

The reason why Schiff focuses on these humpty-dumpty talking points is due to the miserable performance of his mutual funds and his previous track record in just about everything, which has been wrong.

Schiff feels comfortable living out this fictional role as a guy who predicted the financial crisis since he receives support and credit for this inaccurate claim to fame from his Jewish tribesmen, despite the fact that his clients largely suffered a great deal and the fact that his book, Crash Proof did little to protect the readers from the crash.

And despite the fact that many of his clients were steam rolled during the financial crisis.

In this regard, Schiff is not doing anything illegal because he knows better than to come out and claim he has a good track record or point to specific calls he made that materialized, because he KNOWS his track record sucks and his specific calls have been a complete disaster, and HE KNOWS this can be easily proven.

It's the media that is committing fraud by supporting this illusion about Schiff.

In the process of allowing air time to be wasted on his played out, broken clock, contrarian indicator sales pitch, the media continues to allow Schiff to present his worn out, open-ended, irresponsible predictions as if he actually has a great track record.

After he rants his predictable irrelevant broken clock lines, he then tells the sheep to buy his book.

After all, this is what Schiff's rants and scare tactics and appearance are all about anyway; book sales!

Time to wake the hell up people!

Remember, this is the same man who keeps insisting hyperinflation is coming to the US, and has been making this ridiculous claim for close to ten years now.

Remember, this is the same man who keeps insisting that the US dollar is going to be worthless and has been saying this for nearly ten years now, despite the fact that the dollar has blown past 12-year highs.

Remember, this is the same man who has been insisting that investors stay out of the US stock market despite the huge gains it has made.

Remember, this is the same man who insists that gold is "real money" and that gold is headed to at least $5000 and probably $10,000. Yet, he wants your worthless dollars to trade for his gold?

Remember, this is the same man who insists that gold will preserve the value of your currency and he even marketed this Valcambi gold scam as a form of money and claimed that it would protect the value of your dollars!!

The instant you bought his Valcambi gold, you immediately lost 8% of the value of your currency due to commissions alone.

But that's the good news.

Ever since Schiff started selling the Valcambi gold dog shit, it has lost more than 30% due to the decline in gold alone. 

Once you add in the 8% fees charged by Schiff, you could be looking at a 38% loss.

Remember, that's from something Schiff marketed as a form of currency that he claimed held its value relative to the dollar.



If you feel for this shit, YOU'VE BEEN HAD!

Okay, so let's say Schiff did in fact predict the financial crisis (and I am stating that he absolutely did NOT).

Why doesn't the media demand that he provide some relevant talking points instead of allowing him daily access to millions of sheep in order to promote his USELESS books while mentioning ridiculous nonsense?

Answer: that's the way the Jewish media has set the game up.

You see folks, a big part of Schiff's strategy is to keep this mythology going that he predicted the financial collapse, so that he can claim that he was right about the "big one" and he is predicting an even bigger crash now.

This is all tied into book sales.

It's truly a complete scam that would not be possible without the assistance of this Jewish media tribesmen.

The idea is for the media to make money selling ads and to enable their tribesmen to make money selling you their useless books.

It's a huge scam folks.

And those of you who still don't realize this really need to wake the hell up and read the writing on the wall.

As I have mentioned on countless occasions, by creating this false perception of Schiff as some expert who has been right, the media is engaging in massive fraud.

This false perception is about the only thing driving earnings for Schiff.

Unfortunately, it is also causing potentially millions of sheep to lose their ass.

Keep in mind that people who pay attention to the media do so because they do not realize it is a scam. They actually trust these losers who have been positioned as experts by the media.

As a result, when the media keeps introducing broken clocks and morons with lousy track records like Schiff as "experts" who "saw the crash in advance" the media is basically saying, "you had better pay close attention to Schiff because he got it right."

And because the media is not providing a fair assessment of his track record, all while making money selling ads, the media is engaging in massive fraud.

The media does this with each of its Jewish pinheads and con men.

It's just that the game is easiest to see with Schiff since he gets the most air time.

Newsflash: I was the ONLY person in the world to have accurately predicted the financial crisis and this is a fact.

If Schiff predicted the financial crisis WHY DID SO MANY OF HIS CLIENTS lose more than the S&P 500 Index? 

And why didn't he list the details of what would happen in his (useless) book?




Mike Stathis holds the best investment forecasting track record in the world since 2006.

View Mike Stathis' Track Record here, herehere and here.
View Mike Stathis' Track Record here, herehere and here.



The reality is that Schiff's forecasts and performance have been a huge failure. And the media never points out the full picture.

Hell, they don't even paint a half accurate picture!

Again, this is massive fraud.









It certainly doesn't end when Schiff finishes his daily interviews throughout the "Jews only media circuit."

The Jewish Mafia has an entire lineup of pinheads, con men and complete idiots to steer their audience into the gutter, from Jew boy Josh Brown, who found himself out of work after his previous firm lost its license because it was a boiler room, to Jim Cramer, who was such a failure with his hedge fund that he had to borrow money from his mommy, to many other losers and con men, virtually every single one being Jewish.





So you can see now why most people who pay attention to the media lose their ass.

It's been designed that way from the beginning.

Without media exposure, Schiff would not be getting book sales and he wouldn't get many new clients.

No matter how pathetic Schiff's recommendations are, no matter now bad his funds perform, his Jewish tribesmen are always going to spin the situation into one that generates more PR for him or makes his "wealth destruction" funds look like superstars.




Can you imagine why the media continues to promote this broken clock loser after he has caused a good number of people to lose their ass? 

Why is this reporter (who I am willing to bet is either married to or bedding down with a Jewish guy) promoting Schiff when he has been completely wrong about nearly everything?  

Does that seem like responsible unbiased reporting to you? 




Remember, these are the same Jewish media firms that have completely banned me. And when I say banned, I mean exactly that.

My associates and I contacted numerous individuals at all media firms for more than four years starting in mid-2006) and received no interest.

We spoke to (Jewish) producers at every major televised network.

We spoke to and/or emailed every producer and host at hundreds of radio stations.

We we spoke to and/or emailed every editor and hundreds of reporters working for dozens of financial publications.

We received absolutely no interest.

Keep in mind that during that period, I was not yet fully aware of the Jewish Mafia.

We even sent out parts of America's Financial Apocalypse (usually the Real Estate Bubble chapter) as well as the typical media kit and received no interest.

I spent thousands of dollars on marketing and received no interest. Think about that folks.

Now tell me Jews don't discriminate in favor of their own. Yea, RIGHT. 

Think about this very carefully folks, then you will realize I have been right all along about the Jewish Mafia.



Even if Schiff had a decent track record, one should ask the media why it continues to air his rants about the Fed and his broken clock mantras on a daily basis? 

After all, this kind of rhetoric in no way helps investors.

As I have stressed for several years now, the only reason why Schiff gets this ridiculous amount of media exposure is due to the discriminatory and predatory nature of the Jewish Mafia.

Quite simply, they care more about enriching their tribesmen than delivering valuable investment content to their audience.

But so long as the sheep continue to tune in, the media will continue this scam.

And I have to believe that the sheep deserve what they get because they are facilitating the scheme by providing an audience. 

Unfortunately, most of the sheep who fall for these rants fail to realize that focusing on these issues has very little relevance when it comes to navigating the performance of the capital markets.

Thus, it should be obvious to everyone with a decent memory and some common sense by now that Peter Schiff focuses on trivial talking points as a way to avoid providing specific forecasts because he knows that when has tried this in the past he has looked like a complete fool. 

















And we certainly can't forget mention of Schiff's mutual funds, given that he has converted most of his firm's assets under management into funds as opposed to individually managed accounts (most likely to avoid lawsuits).












If you are continuously seeing one guy over and over again plastered all over the financial media, wouldn't you assume that the guys who run these organizations feel that this guy should be listened to because he is credible and because he has a great track record?  

Sure you would. It's common sense.

The problem is that if you make this assumption, you are unaware that the media is a criminal organization designed to screw its audience for the benefit of those who pay for advertisements.

As you watch this video, I want you to keep in mind that this is the guy the media has positioned as a credible expert for YOU, the audience.





Mike Stathis holds the best investment forecasting track record in the world since 2006.

View Mike Stathis' Track Record here, herehere and here.
View Mike Stathis' Track Record here, herehere and here.



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